“Curiosity is the lust of the mind,”said Thomas Hobbes of lust which is a feeling that shouldn’t be associated with love as it is too pejorative. One can and has lust for everything and anything that he sees or observes whether desirable or not.Lust therefore becomes a random yet special feeling as you harbour this for someone you like, only for a brief moment though.Lust can be special, it is at times more cherished than any-other feeling amongst those sensed by a human being.In the words of a famous author..”True love never dies for it is ‘LUST’ that fades away.Love bonds for a lifetime but lust pushes away..” Though lust is a provisional feeling it holds the secret to many successful things and beings of the present and that of the past.Lust is often if not always misinterpreted for “LOVE”. The person who harbors this feeling is the one who is deprived of the beauty of LUST and perceives an absolute erroneous stance towards the same.This is how pure, solemn and grave “LUST” is.

“Love” is an integral part of commitment which can’t be taken for granted under any circumstances no matter what. It is a feeling difficult to express in words, whether written or vocal yet some writers and poets attempt to ink it down.Love is the most intense feeling amongst all the senses of human beings.Most people say that they have “fallen in LOVE with someone or something” but in reality LOVE cannot be associated with an undesirable action of fall that is a let down.Love never lets one down it always explains and teaches us new dimensions of loving something..Love is not selfish it is just a little possessive of its belongings.
“Love” never does and can never include hatred for someone you loved irrespective of the soreness of the  wound it may have given you.Love teaches us to be selfless, generous and endlessly supportive of the amatory.

“May you always be blessed

with walls for the wind,

a roof for the rain,

a warm cup of tea by the fire,

laughter to cheer you,

those you love near you,

and all that your heart might desire.”


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