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  • Some men have tummy’s like those of women which cannot keep anything with them-self for long…..


  • Some women are swines and should be left on their own even though you want to help or whatever…
    These nerds aren’t fit even for your spit……


  • Saw a movie after a gap of almost 2 & a half years… Was skeptical about the same but went ahead on a friends advice as SHE had seen the same.Thanks a ton “NIK” for saving those 4 hrs of mine and also my DAD’s money….  cheers.. 😀


  • Day of birthday celebrations, realizations of taking cause for and standing against what is wrong and which should not be tolerated..
  • Hope springs from every nook and corner its up-to you to pick  “IT” up and take cause for YOURSELF……..


  • “The greatness of person lay not in what he has achieved financially or in other materialistic thing but in what kind of a human he is and what is his contribution towards the betterment of society..”
    -Aakash Dhanuka.

Don’t know why is this happening but the news of someone leaving has got me upset, feeling numb, sad, feeling sulky… Dont know why but ppl towards whom you have hatred are the ones for whom you feel the most. Don’t know why but I guess this is what people refer to as heavenly connect , bond.. Don’t know why still don’t know why…


Hitler-the unspoken saga of the valorous hero of motherland Germany.(Part 2)

…The angst of the gallant leader did not end just here.Hitler went on to devastate the allied powers who were the reason for the humiliation faced by Germany post WW1.His intention and self belief were the source of his power and strength.Using these tools Hitler took to the world and led Germany to victory in WW2 along with the allies.The contributions of the German hero to his motherland are immense, but the credit and feelings the current German population harbour towards the Brave-heart is not only disgraceful to the “German stellar” but to the entire world.

Last month I attended a conference, a forum basically.One of my fellow participant at the event was a German National. When this person started speaking ill about “Hitler” I wanted to interrupt him and show him what Hitler meant to the Germans and that he was abusing the hardships, trouble faced by his ancestors during the rule of the allied powers.But as they say,”it is useless to throw water on a ducks back,” so I did not bother to enlighten the troubled soul.To my astonishment I was the only person in that hall with over Three hundred and fifty people who had a thing for Hitler and his greatness.The stature of Hitler’s greatness is something which cannot be communicated in words, still people like me attempt to describe the great through our writings.
The reason for the progress, prosperity of the German economy today is without doubt credited to none other than the “Great Hitler.”

Hitler-the unspoken saga of the valorous hero of motherland Germany.(Part 1)

Hitler like most other heroes is one who is still misinterpreted, misjudged and thus criticized.Never understood by his own countrymen the story of Hitler the great was a result of the suppression Germany faced on the hands of the victorious nations England, France, and so on. The restrictions imposed by the treaty of Versailles on the German federation were not just humiliating but had put an end to the very existence of the country.This was accepted without any objection by the then rulers of the country.Hitler at that time was an ordinary officer of the German army.

With time Hitler’s stars gained momentum, the situation changed leading to the birth of one of the greatest dictator and leader the world has ever seen.Hitler’s greatness can be judged from the very fact that the first thing he did on gaining power was scrapping the treaty of Versailles which to him was nothing more than a piece of paper bearing some ink.After scrapping the treaty the next immediate step taken by the chivalrous hero was regaining the other parts of his country captured by the allied powers.Hitler went on to capture the neighbouring countries of Bosnia & Herzegovina and many others.The reason for Hitler’s wrath towards the Jews was just another misinterpretation anyone could harbour towards anything.Whatever he did, he did it with purpose, with self belief.
The credit for the success of the German economy without any dispute goes to the audacious Hitler the great.


They often say that we achieved success over a period of time but in reality it was a day, minute ,second’s difference that triggered their being from not successful to super successful beings.I write this piece of note inorder to let the world know about the posts I have been making on my face-book wall during the past few weeks.Well the past few weeks have been quite interesting in terms of relationships, to begin with my relationship with my family was viewed by me with a  totally different perspective which opened exciting, new horizons for the future.Secondly Landmark Education gave me the opportunity of  looking at my past relationships with a totally different angle.Then next up was the challenge of getting into full flow at my place of work, a thing which I accomplished without much hassle.There are still many  things which are to be accomplished by me in the immediate future eg. to procure the masters degree in financial management , to launch my own company which works for the betterment of other fellow  companies,businesses I deal with, or otherwise.The first and foremost thing would be to setup my company which would be one of its kind company catering to the needs of all employees in an organisation from peon to president. The other aspect to be covered will be to provide qualitative as well as well as highly efficient results to the customers in every aspect and in every possible way.

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