Making Flexible Scheduling Work

Like the title of the post.


I’m writing this blog post from home today. There are a lot of aspects of my job that does not require me to be in the office. Like many employees these days, a certain amount of my work can be done online.  Although I like the flexibility my employer provides by allowing me to work from home occasionally, I do prefer to be at the office. There is that interaction with my co-workers, bouncing off ideas, and overall atmosphere and energy of what McNak is all about.

If I wasn’t at the office on a regular basis, I wouldn’t get a feel of our company’s corporate culture. However, after working at McNak for nine years, I have a pretty good idea…so working from home every now and then certainly doesn’t hurt. Working from home does not work for all professions.  I believe that I wouldn’t be an effective salesperson if…

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Year 2011 hear I come… :D

At the beginning of each year people make resolutions, this  year tried to give it a shot.Here is my list.

  1. Best of health.
  2. Wealth in terms of money, wellbeing , peace , strength , satisfaction and support.
  3. Car ( Chevrolet Cruze & Mercedes coupe for mom & dad ).
  4. A caring, understanding, beautiful and supportive partner.
  5. All monetary liabilities repaid and settled.

The week that was a real tester.

If there is something which is in distress and it also belongs to you it becomes your right & responsibility to stand for it no matter what the situation, circumstances are.Even if you have the odds against you just remember that you have the odds against you because you are even and it is time to get even with things.A true winner is a person who plays on the court and not off it.

In the war of life there will be jerks & morons halting your progress, your job is to eliminate their influence on your life and be the most successful human on the planet.


The shape of my heart.

The shape of my heart.

Padma Lakshmi.